Defrosting Times and Tips

Cheesecakes can be stored in the refrigerator continuously for up to 3 days without refreezing.  Other desserts should not be refrigerated for more than 24 hours at a time. Most can be displayed in refrigerated cases during the day if they are stored back in their original boxes and kept frozen overnight.  Desserts decorated with whipped cream should be defrosted and refrozen no more than 3 times.  Windmill Tortes should not be kept in a refrigerated case.

Shelf Life
La Mousse products are made fresh then frozen on the day they are baked.  All products can be kept frozen for four to six weeks.  In order to help you rotate the products, a code date is stamped on the box.  The method used is the Julian Date System which assigns a code from 1 to 365 corresponding to the date of the year the product was baked.  For example, code “195” stands for July 13th.

Precut and Papered Desserts
Always leave the protective paper on unserved slices to prevent them from drying out. Cut the whole paper in half when serving, leaving half on the slice that is not served.